Full face snorkel masks and its facts

Get the mask

In the webpage of AquaVillians, you can find so many posts, detailed information regarding masks and which mask can best fit or suitable to you. As the name itself suggests the mask is for the face and it covers full. It fits your face properly. They have their own benefits and if we compare with classic or the traditional ones, these full-face snorkel masks became the best in diver’s choice and had lot of improvements to have the best snorkeling trip. Besides protection which gives to the face it also provides good and improved vision to the divers.

Compare with the regular one

These full face snorkeling masks can be bought in supermarkets, sports shops etc and they have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the regular masks, you need to hold the mouth piece. If you are diving for longer periods, your throat may get sore. So, compared to these regular masks, improvements have been made and these full-face masks properly fits to the face so that there is no need of holding it. The problem with the regular one is that it may get fog and may leaked also. These improved ones don’t create such problems.

In kid’s Perspective

A clear and crisp information about the masks, and its usage for kids is clearly mentioned in Aquavillains web page where you go through it before you purchase one for your kid. Safety is first when it comes to children. Before we buy a mask for kid, take them along with you to the store to ensure the fitting in the right way without any discomfort in breathing to the kid. These masks are not only meant for adults but also available for kids in various sizes with straps which are adjustable. The mask should be sealed properly under the adult guidance and you can also view the video how to fit the mask with detailed information in the website.

It has a silicone line sealing which won’t allow the water coming inside the mask and this is how it proves it is safe for children. Some of the plus points of these full face snorkeling masks are dry top system, water tight seal and mouth and nose breathing. if we discuss about dry top system it has a float equipped inside it so that it can block if it is submerged. About the tight silicone sealing we have already discussed and the main pros of mouse and nose breathing is that there is two ways breathing which lacks in the traditional ones. This feature helps free breathing for the diver.