Diagnose And Free Install All The Windows PC Drivers

It’s very common to get errors of missing PC drivers, post the update/re installation of Windows PC. For any reason, if the network gets disrupted during the whole process of the update, the Windows fails to update all drivers completely. That’s the reason behind abrupt restarts, you might have observed while working on PC, post the update. The operating system triggers restart to try and download the missing software. The problem is not limited to abrupt restart; you may encounter many operating problems like abrupt closure of files, missing sound or any connectivity error. If the key drivers are missing from your system, this is bound to happen. If the problem persists you can always download and free install the drivers.

free install

How to diagnose the error?

There could be a number of reasons for a particular driver being corrupted. It could simply happen because you might have accidentally deleted some of its program files. There could be broader reasons as well as any anomaly happened during the re-installation process. But you should not worry about it, all the drivers are available to free install on different platforms.

Disruption during re-installation

Every time when you uninstall windows, all the previous drivers get deleted in the process. Then they get replaced with new ones, once you re-install the operating system software. Even if you are re-installing the same version of windows operating system software, the drivers still get updated during the installation process. It’s pretty much possible that network might get disrupted because windows installation process triggers so many restarts. If the operating system software loses internet connectivity at any point in time, when it’s downloading the drivers, it might miss some drivers. That’s when your personal computer starts facing issues. But the good news is that you can always free install the drivers from the official website of the service provider of the processor. There are so many third party websites as well, which offer genuine drivers on their platform. Ultimately mist of the drivers are freeware and made available free on many platforms.

If you are required to re-install some drivers, don’t feel bad about. The new drivers will only improve the performance of your computer.