Fingerprint or biometrics systems have become the most popular way of tracking time attendance for the companies all over the world. This technology adds a lot of security to time tracking software & prevents your employees from stealing away company time, just by punching the fellow employees in and out. This kind of time & attendance systems makes use of biometrics of every employee to clock in & out of this system during a day. Reports then can be generated for every employee & sent to the payroll easily.

Higher security & convenience

The fingerprint attendance system is just impossible to forget, steal, lose and compromise and therefore fingerprint technology offers a higher degree of convenience and security compared to many authentication mechanisms. They will be used in the combination with some other authentication mechanisms that will offer improved security for the critical resource.

fingerprint attendance system

The fingerprint systems are well-automated and can offer concrete trails of the individual check-in & check-out times. So, any transaction done by a person is securely and accurately linked to correct individual & there’s no possibility of the fraud. Therefore, fingerprint biometrics offers the higher confidence in identity verification process as well as helps to create the user accountability.

Protects privacy

When an individual is enrolled in a biometric system, just the digital representation of their fingerprint will be stored as the template. An actual fingerprint is not stored and transmitted over the network, which helps to maintain privacy.