The method used to remove the water from tofu

The tofu machine makes it possible to give the creamy as well as the solid substance the most enjoyable way to consume them. with the help of a machine, it is possible to get the best tofu which will have the right texture and shape. The use of the tofu press saves time in the preparation of the tofu dish and also gives the required texture for the tofu.

Varied methods to use the press:

The press is an essential tool that is a must to have in the kitchen by those who like to prepare the tofu-related dish. There are lots of advantages to using the press tool. It will squeeze the water from the tofu in a very simple way.

press tofu

Varied types of the press have their method to use and extract the water from tofu. One of the methods is to place the plate on the tofu and engage a plunger to press the plate down this will help to squeeze the water out easily. It should be allowed to sit at least for fifteen minutes. Later the tofu needs to be removed from the press and can be used for cooking.

The other method is once the tofu is taken out from the pack it needs to be wrapped in a paper towel with a few layers. Place the wrapped tofu in the press and keep the heavy thing on it to remove the water. This process gives the tofu the exact texture and stores them in the refrigerator for a long time and use according to the requirement.