Experience Adventure with Teepee Tent

Teepee tent has got the origins from nomadic tribes of American Indians who built the tents from the animal skins by using poles for supporting this pyramid shaped structure, which has become very common now with the modern teepee Singapore tents. Shape allows some support structures as just some poles have to get used effectively and not to provide heavy load, which will have defeated its purpose of simple mobility. The pyramidal shapes were very effective as they kept rain and wind away just by minimizing surface area, which rain will touch and rain runs down at sides quickly.

Types of Teepee Available

There’re a lot of different types of the teepee tents that are available now. They will differ in the terms of the design, number of people this can accommodate as well as on materials that are used in manufacture of this tent. Others are highly adapted to the harsh conditions such as Alpine outfitters tents, which make them very useful for fishing, hunting, as well as mountain climbing. They’re lightweight and robust making them appropriate to be carried over the long distances as well as harsh terrain.

Whereas you cannot cook in certain tepee tents due to available space as well as ventilation, and some of them are made to accommodate cooking at inside either by stove or open fire. Some others sport the floorless design, which reduces weight to carry by the additional floor, and permitting portability. Some spot detachable floors are removed easily and put to reset.