Different Types of Men’s Underwears

Men have many different types of underwear with various styles. This makes it important for men to know what suits their body type and shape. Just like women, men may have a bad day when they wear the wrong underwear. Perhaps it’s the wrong fabric or lack of support, and men tend to lose their focus on their daily tasks. Choosing the kind of men’s underwear to use may not be that difficult. Here are some of the men’s underwear types that are available in the market today. You can find them on reliable online sites like Daily Jocks too.


These are underwears that are on the loose-fitting side. This provides no support, but it offers the most breathability compared to the other types of men’s underwear. These are good for daily use, particularly during sports events. This can be worn with slim-fitting bottoms, tailored dress pants, and even shorts.

A hybrid of boxers and briefs is called boxer brief. It is known to offer an ample amount of support. It resembles a tapered boxer that comes with a snug. Just like the brief, it is great to wear the boxer brief throughout the day. This can be worn while doing any physical activity.


This is the most popular type of men’s underwear. It also resembles the brief and boxer, and may even be called the boxer brief only that it comes with short legs. Usually, trunks have a squarish design. If you have been a fan of the briefs and you would like to wear something different, the trunks may be your best choice. You can wear it with any other outfit and even when you go swimming.


The brief is the standard undergarment for men that can be worn on all occasions. Briefs have various colors, designs, and rises. It covers the entire pelvic region, but it exposes the entire side of the upper thigh and leg. It can be worn comfortably with all ensembles, and it is best for men who need support.


Thongs can be the barest that a men’s underwear can be. It almost has no coverage. For men who do not like underwear lines or baggy jeans to be visible, this is the best option. It can be an erotic and sensual choice. It has a bare fabric in front which is attached to the strings found at the waist while your entire back is exposed.

Thongs are more specifically adapted into G-string and wider T-shape thongs. G-strings come with a string attached to the main fabric functioning as a waistband. It provides the least back coverage and this is great for sunbathing and tanning.

The wider T-shape thong makes a T-shape right in front and comes with a thicker waistband. It offers more frontal coverage.