How many sessions does the tattoo removal process take?

Laser tattoo removal treatment is applied at intervals of 6-8 weeks. The number of sessions usually ranges from 3 to 10 sessions depending on the color and size of the tattoo removal using laser .

With laser treatment applied with intermittent sessions, the person achieves the desired result largely. The duration of the treatment varies depending on how long ago the tattoo was done. There are false opinions that old tattoos are removed in a shorter time.

The process of removing professionally made tattoos can take a longer time. If poor quality types of dyes are used as a tattoo material, it becomes difficult to achieve 100% efficiency from tattoo removal. However, in these outbreaks, procedures like fractional radiofrequency are utilized . Dark colored tattoos are more easily removed than light colored ones.

What are the most difficult tattoo colors to laser remove?

Red, purple, green and yellow colored tattoos are among the most difficult to remove. People who are advantageous in tattoo removal are those who have fair skin, with dark blue, navy or black tattoos and not people who are tanned in the sun.

What are the easiest types of tattoo to discard?

tattoo removal using laser

Tiny tattoos and straight tattoos are simpler to remove than other large tattoos.

Also, white tattoos, which are two-colored, are much easier to remove than colored tattoos. The most difficult types of tattoos to laser remove are large in number with many colors.

Is the eyebrow (contour) tattoo removed by the laser method?

The eyebrow contour, or in other words, the eyebrow tattoo is a permanent makeup application that is applied to people who have few eyebrows or who don’t have the eyebrows in the shape they want, and this application is long lasting, but it can disappear on its own over time. There are many methods of removing the eyebrow contour, the laser method is one of them.