FAQs regarding consumption of lactation cookies

What is making lactation cookies a healthy meal?

The oatmeal raisin which is present in the recipe of the lactation cookies is making this a very healthy ingredient. The whole flaxseed is been added for additional benefits of milk-producing and health. There is of course presence of the coconut oil which is replacing the butter for getting health benefits of coconut oil. If you don’t have coconut oil, then you can still make this with butter.

When you wonder how many lactation cookies should I eat in a day, it has simple alternative answer. It depends on the type of your body and the supply of milk from your body. Typically, most people are consuming around 2-3 in a day which should be enough for boosting the supply of milk.

After how much time the lactation cookies will start working?

It is again depending on the individual body. Typically, it will take 1 or 2 days after which you will get the results. Mom will typically notice immediate boosts in the milk supply. So, in no time you will start producing more milk.

Can lactation cookies be making without brewer’s Yeast?

Yes, it can be made without making use of brewer’s yeast. But you will not be able to see the same effects in the supply of milk as you see in the brewer’s yeast. So, brewer’s yeast is not been substituted easily with other products. It is mostly recommended to use the brewer’s yeast only for boosting the milk supply.