Best Women Motivational Movies

Are you a housewife or a homemaker but aspire to be a lot more? Do you often feel like flying high in the sky, fulfilling all your dreams? In this men powering society, it becomes tough for a woman to live a life of how she desires. It takes a lot of strength and a huge amount of courage for a woman to break all the social  norms and remove the stigma of being in a cage for a lifetime.

But whatsoever may be the situation, a woman is the strongest-willed person you will ever meet. If a woman is determined to lead her life her way, no power can stop her from attaining success and fame. There are hundreds of movies out there that portray women’s empowerment. If you are such a motivational movie freak, you can easily scroll the best women motivational movies on the aha OTT platform.

Must watch women Motivational Movies

From the list of hundreds, my personal favorite movie is 36 vayasulo which was released in the year 2015. Even after 5 years of its release, it still has the top position in most women’s must-watch list.


Jyothika as VasanthiTamizhselvan

Nassar as Commissioner Rajan

Siddhartha Basu as President of India

Rahman as Tamizhselvan (Ram Prasad in Telugu)

Abhirami as Susan David

Amritha Anil as Mithila Tamizhselvan

Kalaranjini as Vasanthi’s mother-in-law

Bose Venkat as Police Officer

IIravasu as Vegetable Merchant

Khalid Hussain as Plants Creative Officer

Sethu Lakshmi as Thulasi

Karana Radha


MS Bhaskar as Stephen

Devadarshini as GirijaSreenivasan

Prem as Jayachandran

VazhakkuEnMuthuraman as Vasanthi superior

BayilvanRanganathan as BayilvanRanganathan

Scissor Manohar as Auto driver

Rajasekar as a retired teacher and neighbor

Sujatha Sivakumar as Rani

Mohan Raman as NalabagamChellurPichai

Delhi Ganesh as Vasanthi’s father-in-law


Vasanthi, a 36-year-old clear at the revenue department, was never supported by her husband and daughter. She was once called upon by India’s president, where she failed to answer some basic questions, which made her a part of memes all over the social media platform in just no time. Tired of all the insults and comments she got, she met her friend, who motivated her to be a strong person. Following this, vasanthi materialized her idea of fresh vegetable cultivation and got appreciated for the same. Finally, she again met the president and earned support from her family as well.


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