Your ultimate healthcare cleaning partner

A clean and tidy environment is considered a prerequisite for a healthy environment. A clean area ensures germ-free and disease-free surroundings for the patients. Whether you have a clinic, a medical store, a diagnostic center, or an urgent healthcare clinic, keeping it clean indicates good quality; therefore, always choose healthcare cleaning services in Tacoma, WA, for spotless cleaning services.

What do we do?

Simply mopping or dusting the floor is not enough in healthcare service. Since patients are prone to infections and diseases t, therefore, advanced cleaning is essential to prevent contamination and the spread of disease. Our cleaning experts not only do the needful but make sure it is being done with utmost preciseness. Our servicemen know the difference between a janitor service and professional cleaning work. Our staff have the highest cleaning health standards and ensure protection and touch-free cleaning.

How do we get our work done?

Everyone in this service is a qualified professional because a healthcare center is not a public place for public visits but a place for vulnerable people. Our working men obtain certification through the Hospital/medical cleaning program. The certification is provided through phases of written examination and screening processes in the following fields:

  • Hospitable grade and cleaning services.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing services
  • Bloodborne pathogen cleaning
  • Applicable JCAHO codes

An environment-friendly, green way to clean

Cleaning is just not done right with harmful chemicals that adversely affect your health. Therefore, we use bio ingredients made cleaning products to ensure the safety and security of the patients and staff. For many people who have allergies or asthma, their symptoms aggravate coming in contact with a tricky cleaning agent leaving its smell. Therefore we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our professionals use cleaning equipment such as UV sanitizers and Hand EPA vacuums for the ultimate cleaning experience.

We are bound to our commitment

Our cleaning services go beyond a decade of experience and quality service. We are bound to our commitment to your safety from infections and diseases through our expertise in cleaning. We use industry-standard cleaning agents and advanced machinery to give you spotlessly clean floors, equipment, laundry materials, etc. We believe a job left undone isn’t done right. Therefore, we leave no harmful residue, just a clean and disease-free environment.