If you’re a gamer, then it is most likely you have heard about the Gamestore. Top players sell their accounts on this site. Most of the players out there are looking for ways to enhance their rankings. Gamestore auctions accounts of top players in exchange of money. This has become the marketplace for gamers and players worldwide. This is how most players are making money these days. This is now widely practiced all around the globe. The world of gaming is addictive. There are plenty of ways to buy games legally. Therefore, Gamestore doesn’t have the necessary good reputation.


World of tanks or WoT is an online game available in the market. It’s a multiplayer game. It has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. World of tanks as the name states gives us control over tanks. We can now upgrade these tanks. Modify them and reach higher levels. World of tanks is a freemium game on which we will discuss more. For those who wish to reach a higher level. They buy a World of Tanks premium account.

World of Tanks


Freemium as the word states is a combination of free and premium. This is sort of a strategy opted by the game makers. The Makers built games which are basically free. With time, for the investment, they sell premium deals. Premium refers to the next level of gaming where nothing is free any longer. For more advanced features you will have to pay for the services. World of Tanks premium account is for those who wish to do so. These are the accounts which have access to premium features.


There are plenty of websites out there which are helping you to do so. You can buy or sell game accounts. Nowadays it is a very common practice. Though a lot of websites & stores are offering such services the Game store is the most authenticated & trusted among all the gamers & players all over the world. It provides almost all kind of premium accounts over a wide range of games in the most affordable price. With its trusted payment procedures, the deals are monitored and secured so that the buyer gets the account & the seller gets the money it deserves.


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