Kangaroos near Melbourne – the best places to go!

According to some 2020 statistics, 50 million kangaroos are inhabiting Australia. Despite the huge number, it is not very easy to spot a kangaroo in concrete-made cities. Watching them in the zoos and sanctuaries is possible but watching them in the wild is a different experience. There are several spots to do so all over Australia. But when it comes to the capital city, there are a few top-notch spots to watch kangaroos near melbourne.

The top names are listed below.

  1. Gresswell Forest, Greensborough 

It is located 20 km north of Melbourne and is a beautiful grassy patch of land. With short trails and meadows. One should look for lush green grass, the favorite food of kangaroos, to watch them.

  1. Plenty George, Greensborough 

It is a huge park which makes it difficult for some people to watch kangaroos. But luckily, some walking paths are leading up to the usual hangout spot for a mob or few.

  1. Westerfolds Park, Templestowe 

It is the best place to watch kangaroos near melbourne in the summer evenings. Many people like to set up barbeque grills, watch kangaroos, and have a nice picnic.

  1. Lysterfield Park, Dandenong 

It is one of the top names when we account for the likelihood of spotting kangaroos. One can even spot them in the middle of the day, lying under some tree to beat the heat.

  1. Cardinia Reservoir, Dandenong  

This is one of the most famous spots in Melbourne, even when the likelihood of finding kangaroos is comparatively low.

There are several good spots for watching kangaroos thriving in the wild. One should follow signs like droppings to spot them easily.