A real progress card for your fitness

Body mass index can be a shocking word for many individuals in the developed nations as this term can create an unpleasant smile on the obesepeople. Usually these countries have more than 70 percent of their population with improper body mass index. Even children below the age of 15 are affected by this problem. The main cause for this health problem is the modern day living style that provides almost everything within a click. In addition, the technological creations often concentrate on decreasing the physical effort rendered by the people. After a few years,theentire population in the well to do countries will be facing this problem. However, happily the technology, which is the major reason for such a situation has a solution too. You can use any kind of fitness programs available in the market along with the smart device that boost your confidence level to achieve your fitness.

Activity need to be tracked

Usually obesity is the cause of over eating in many cases and people really do not have a proper sense about their daily intake limit in terms of diet. This may vary depending upon the work you do and this limit depends on the nature of your body. If you are a techie and do not even stand up from your desk for continuous hours then you are going to need only less than 1800 calories per day. Nevertheless, if you are driving a tractor in a farm then your intake should be around 2000 calories per day.

Only when people consume within their dietary limits it is possible to get your body mass index. Even though the control over the diet is achieved, it is very important to increase the physical activity in order to burn down the calories that is already accumulated in your body. The technology can help you here and smart  activity trackers are the best option to monitor the calories burnt by the individual in a single day. The tracker can be synchronised with any kind of smartphones enabling the mobile application to retrieve data from the device. This application is going to be the real progress card for your calorie-burning program and even a walk within your bedroom is going to be counted. If you are burning more calories than the prescribed limit then you should limit your physical activities because over doing spoils the entire fitness program.