Toenail trimming for your dog at Fort Lauderdal

If you are looking for dog grooming bocaratonfl then you should surely focus on the toenail trimming of your dog. This is important because long nails can start to curl and lead to paw problems. By using proper clippers, you can trim the nails on your own or take professional help at Fort lauderdal. If you need same day grooming for your dog for a special event, you can contact

How to choose the right trimmer:

It is not advised to use nail clippers used by humans for dogs. This will lead to poor angled cuts and pain for your dog. You should choose either of the below-mentioned ones:

  1. Guillotine style: they are recommended for young dogs. In this, there is a metal hoop located at the end of the trimmer through which the nail is passed. When the handle closes then the trimmer slides across the loop and the nail is trimmed. It has a squeeze type closure as opposed to the scissor-type which makes it easier to use. You should change its blades frequently.
  2. Trimmer by millers’ forges: their look is like scissors and the blades of these trimmers have indentations of semi-circular shape. On the opening of the blades, the semi-circles create a circular opening to accommodate the nail. Once you keep the nails in an incorrect position then you should close the handles so that the nails are trimmed.

If you are doing regular exercise with your dog on any hard surface, then their nails will wear down to the correct length and will not need trimming.