Information about the nose thread lift

Because of the advanced medical technology, it is possible to do augmentation of the nose without doing any surgical process using threads made up of polydioxanone which are completely bio-compatible and absorbed by the skin.

It is popularly known as a lunchtime job for the nose. Thanks to the latest medical technology, the nose can also be non-surgically augmented by making use of PDO threads which are 100% absorbable and biocompatible by our bodies.

PDO nose thread lift Singapore is the treatment that can be completed in an hour. Because of less downtime, the patient can resume their daily activities faster. After application and numbing of local anesthetic, the doctor will place the fine threads with the nasal bridge for the septum and the height for giving projection to the nose. This thread is been place under the skin for elevating the nose bridge and the tip when you are stimulating the collagen formation for providing sustainable lift for the nose.

According to the individuals, the number of threads will vary. When you are consulting the doctor initially then the shape of your nose would be determined according to the current shape of the nose. The number of threads is largely varying depending on the desired outcome for the shape of the nose.

You would be immediately able to see the results when the threads are provided to the nose.

Side effects of the nose thread would be subsiding within a few days. Because the PDO threads are bioabsorbable and will break in 6 to 8 months.