Finding For The Right Anti-Aging Treatment

It’s dermal filling. Being a result of revolutionary aesthetic science, it naturally evokes skin elasticity. You do not need any medicine. You wouldn’t even go under the knife if you had non-surgical anti-wrinkle fillers.

Before explaining fillings, let’s understand the aging cycle of the skin.

What causes aging?

Aging is a biological process. But the best anti-aging treatmentscan cause it. An extracellular matrix (ECM) supports our skin layers – Epidermis, Dermis, and Subcutaneous. It offers tensile strength, which is stimulated by proteins and fibers driven by fibroblasts. The most abundant component called collagen is there to ensure the structure and integrity of the skin. Fibroblasts stretch through that collagen network. The resulting mechanical stress spontaneously regulates collagen synthesis.

As you age, your collagen fibers deteriorate, and fragmented collagen builds up. Consequently, the mechanical stress decreases; fibroblast activities are affected. Increases are degrading collagen enzymes that delay collagen production. This is how our skin reduces integrity, promoting the cycle of structural loss.

Dermal Fillers – the best non-surgical treatment for aging face and wrinkles

As mentioned earlier, the dermal filling can reduce the signs of aging. It is a gel extracted from a natural complex sugar. As it is administered into the deep dermis, the wrinkles and gutters on the surface fill up. While under the skin, this gel gradually corrects the loss of volume. These gel-induced microspheres promote fibroblast activity and trigger collagen neogenesis (tissue formation). Subsequently, the newly produced collagen network produces fibers, strengthening the connectivity of dermal tissues over time.

Meanwhile, the gel carriers begin to degrade. Macrophages that penetrate simultaneously gradually dissolve those microspheres. In short, the gel regenerates the fibroblast that leads to the collagen network and further stimulates the production of elastin.


The skin regains support and elasticity with fillings. The changes are reflected in improved skin quality in a short period of inactivity. Improved firmness and fullness display it.


Unlike platelet-rich plasma (PRP) anti-wrinkle treatment, the effect of dermal fillers is long-lasting but temporary. Being biodegradable, it disappears naturally in the body over time. Say that its effect generally disappears between 6 and 12 months. However, this lubricant’s longevity depends on its thickness, treated area, skin condition, age, lifestyle, and type. In general, skin specialists recommend an additional treatment after 6-12 months of treatment to obtain optimal results during that facelift.

Non-surgical and painless

If you can bear the pain of pinching, then facelift with fillers will be painless. It’s like a stinging sensation when the cosmetic surgeon injects it. However, he/she should apply a numbing gel or cream beforehand so that the pain is minimal.

Are dermal fillers safe or unsafe?

Being made from complex organic sugar, it does not cause any harm. Gradually, this lubricant disappears, leaving no side effects. If an allergic reaction occurs, it is ultimately recoverable.

Also, this treatment is prohibited for the following:

  • The under 18s
  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • Those who have skin problems
  • Those with lower immunity

If you are also thinking about a facelift with revolutionary fillings, always discuss its effect, safety measures, and anti-wrinkle procedure beforehand. It can help you prepare for temporary inflammation and irritation, which can occur in some cases.