Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are the seeds of a cannabis plant. Since cannabis is dioecious, the plants can be male or female, and the pollination of the make and female parts leads to the formation of seeds. After pollination, the female part dies off, and the seeds are left behind. These seeds are used to cultivate new plants, ranging from the size of a tomato seed to a pea-sized one. A particular variety of cannabis plant called sinsemilla are created to produce very high-quality plants for medicinal use.

About cannabis seeds

The feminized seeds are the seeds that are grown in plants with just female characters. There is no intervention of a male counterpart. The seeds are grown with technological techniques and are identical or clones to each other. This variety is though not preferred by the experienced cultivators as they are unfit for type.

The auto flower variety of seeds are known to bloom according to the sun’s cycle. There is another auto flower variety that blooms on maturity. This variety blooms from spring to all through the summers when the sunlight is ample. This variety has a setback of not being so potent. Cannabidiol, the valuable content of the cannabis plant, is known to have several health benefits and aids in treating diseases. So this has led to the cultivation of cannabis plants with high cannabidiol content, and its seeds are most sought to.

Sum up

The factors that regulate seed quality are genetics, harvest time, storage, etc. The most important factor amongst these is genetics. It plays a huge role in obtaining the desired quality plant. The cannabis seeds must be matured entirely before harvesting. They should be stored in a place where there is no moisture so that the roots aren’t spoilt by mold or pathogens.


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