Simple gardening hacks

Even though there are many people who are highly interested in gardening, many consider it to be more complicated as this demands more effort. But the fact is gardening can be made easier and interesting in case if a person tend to handle certain hacks.

Pest free

One of the most common problems experienced by many people in their gardening is the higher exposure of pests. Instead of putting artificial pest control solutions, they can move for the natural pest control hacks. Using the used coffee grounds, cinnamon powder and egg shells can help in keeping the garden free from pests. Since these are natural products, they will not cause any negative impacts over the healthy growth of plants.


The other most common problem in gardening is cleaning the weeds. Obviously one must put forth more effort to remove the weeds and they must also work on it periodically. In order to reduce this effort and to keep the garden clean without exposure of weeds, one can use vinegar over the weeds. The properties of the vinegar will never let the weeds to pop up again and again.

Propagate cuttings

During propagate cuttings, one can use honey. This is because honey will act as a rooting hormone and supports the growth of roots healthier and faster. Along with this, it can also save the roots from various fungal infections.


When people are at home, they can water the plants easily by using best garden hose nozzle. But if they are moving on a vacation for a long time, they must handle certain hacks to water their plants. They can use paper towels to water their plants when they are away. The one end of the paper towel should be placed in the water of bowl and the other end should be laid across the soil. The plants will absorb water via this paper towel.