Employee stock option – an overview

When an employee working under a concern tends to have share in that respective company, it falls under employee stock option. Today many companies are also providing this option as this is capable of yielding greater benefits to both the sides. It is to be noted that in this plan, the employees are supposed to purchase only a limited number of stock from the company. In the initial days, this kind of shares was provided only to the top executives in the company. At times, they have also been used as compensation to employees. But today many companies have made it common to all the employees working under their concern.

Increased commitment

Many companies have realized the fact that when they tend to implement the employee stock option, the dedication of the employee gets increased to a greater extent. Obviously they tend to show greater commitment to their work. This is also the most important reasons for why many large organizations are implementing this stock plan for their employees. Obviously it is also proven that this kind of attempts can enhance the business growth to a greater extent. Overall it can be said that this is a great weapon for the companies to create dedicated employees for their company.


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