Charity works done by the doctor

Being a doctor is not just a choice of profession for everyone. A lot of doctors take their work seriously and strive very hard in order to contribute to the society they live in. Helping the unfortunate people is a much needed work of passion. There are numerous types of charitable works that are carried out everywhere and at G&L surgical there are a number of projects that are handles to help people.

Dr Ganesh Ramalingam is the head surgeon at G&L and is very focused on giving back to people in the community. Along with the help of other G&L surgical team members, they have gained power to give back to the patients and other people in the community through their charity works.
Importance of charity works.

Dr Ganesh Ramalingam

Charity works does wonders to people who are in need. The people who are in a position to do charity works and help people, brings a greater deal of responsibility along with it. It is very important to share one’s fortune for everyone in a community to live a good life. A simple act of giving made by fortunate people brings a great difference in someone else’s life.

Dr. Ganesh along with his wife Lisa help people in the most effective way by skilling them and giving them the confidence of being self sufficient. Volunteering gives them a sense of joy. Apart from performing some of the most difficult surgical procedures volunteering is what keeps them and the other members of the team going.