10 easy tips to maintain your watch for a longer time

Watch is something that attracts every segment and every gender of society. From men to women, kids to grandpas everyone admires their watch. How to change date on Armitron watch? How to recover the shine of old watches? To answer such questions, here are some pro tips to keep watch steady to show time on time:

  • Routine service: 

Like every machine, watches also need servicing time to time to keep in good state. Fix a service guy and make a routine, set up meetings accordingly. Getting watches serviced periodically is more appropriate.

  • Keep distance from magnets

Avoid watches coming in contact with magnets; magnetic waves can damage the working conditions of the watch. It is advisable to keep watches distant from magnets.

  • Take extra care of glass

Glass is the beauty of a watch. Avoid watches from banging here and there while walking, prevent from placing it from where it can fall, such incidents can lead to glass break, many times it is impossible to find the perfect fit glass again.

  • Watch box

Keep a separate box for storing the watch. Keeping watch outside can harm watch, as it comes in contact with humidity, moisture, dust, etc. Watch box ensures good health of watch.

  • Self-sufficient

To maintain the good health of any machine it becomes important for its owner to learn the small tricks, How to change a date on Armitron watch and basic servicing of the watch, these learning’s come handy and saves a lot in terms of finance.

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  • Limiting natural exposure

Much exposure to the sun leads to damage to the color of a watch, exposure to water can result in metal rusting, malfunctioning of the machine, etc. so it is advisable to restrict watches from natural exposure.