Why should you purchase a Lol LAS account?

There are numerous benefits to purchasing a LoL LAS account.  League of Legends is a game that has attracted attention of many gamers throughout the world. There are two sets of champs and the general idea is to compete with other teams. The game is being updated all the time, so you can play endlessly and still be interested in playing. Normally, the more you play, the higher you rank and the more interesting the game becomes. Of course, every player wants to achieve the highest ranking possible in order to gain access to more champs, more skins and other benefits high-ranking players get.

With us, you won’t be able to try so hard in order to get all the benefits. By purchasing a LoL LAS account, you instantly become high-ranked and gain access to all the perks that go with it. All our accounts that are purchased are hand-leveled and not botted, which means that you will never be banned with a LoL LAS account purchased at Gamestore.live.

LoL LAS account

LoL LAS account is such a time saver!

Imagine that ten minutes ago you were playing with your low-ranked profile, and now, for an affordable price you get a high-ranked profile and all the possibilities that come along with it: more tools, a large number of played hours, more champs, skins, rune pages, etc. Even the most professional players would need to spend a number of hours in order to achieve these features that we are offering you at an affordable price! You will also get a unique skin to your account! Bear in mind that this game is not new, and there are many rare skins that are no longer available. Well, guess what! Our accounts for sale have some of those skins and you may become the proud owner of one of them!

Should you try to level up your own account?

It’s not impossible, but we wouldn’t suggest that! There are many forums where gamers have discussed this issue and decided that by trying to level up their own accounts they did not succeed much. For a rather fair price, we are offering you something better than wasting your time to achieve little or no success at all:

-An Account in Latin South Server

-30-32 level

-Up to even 10 skins

-2 Rune pages and even more

Don’t miss out on your opportunity and check gamestore.live and reach into the world of possibilities!