What is the most precious stone in the world? They would likely answer you with diamond. Indeed, diamond is the most precious gemstone which is the most famous and fabled among all gemstones out there because of its uniqueness and elegance that is why it is considered one of the most expensive gemstones from jewelers.

Considered as the hardest and strongest substance in the world, the palm springs jeweler of Leed& Sons Inc. have an intricate and delicate complex method of cutting a diamond to shape it into jewelry pieces.

Diamonds are not originally shaped as you see in jewelry shops and on television, it is mined from various areas on earth which its shape is unrefined and has sharp and rocky edges and jewelers have a cutting process to make it look elegant and shape it into jewelry pieces. Now you might be asking how jewelers shape and cut the hardest substance on earth. Does it sound impossible right? Well, they have a special method that takes hours and even days to polish, cut and shape the diamond stone technically.

However, not all jewelers out there can cut and shape diamonds; people who specialize in this kind of work requires a lot of practice and training for years and are often graduates of jewelry making schools and training centers located in key areas around the world. Diamond cutting is an old practice that physically changes a rough diamond stone into a faceted gem by using certain techniques, knowledge, tools, and machinery which is proven to be difficult to be practiced by common people.

In cutting diamonds, there are two elements that jewelers specializing in this method mainly consider; it is the shape and the quality.

Generally, the diamond cutting process has several steps that need to be followed correctly. The first one is to plan out the shape and quality, cleaving and sawing, polishing, bruising and the final inspection.

  • Shape- The shape has a distinct method of cutting depending on what a jeweler’s client wants but as we all know that diamonds are difficult to cut and shape, there are only a few shapes that jewelers can provide and these are square, triangle, round, and oval. They use sharpened diamond stones which are designed to cut diamonds into shape.
  • Quality- The quality varies on the shape that the jewelers made and the size as well as the quality of diamond they cut where the price will be determined once it is done being cut and made into a jewelry piece.