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This entryway to one of Korea’s “sophisticated” brothels, known as Room Salons or Room Bangs, seems a little dingy, doesn’t it? The room salons aren’t all the same, but this one drew my attention because of the entryway. It appears to be vast, and the first step you take will drop you upon a stairway that descends into a hellhole for largely wealthy businesspeople. The institution is hidden beneath the street, so you can’t see it. If you wish to go search in 강남

  • What happens if you get at the bottom of this stairs with a group of four people? The front host will welcome you and bow graciously. If you haven’t already phoned to book a reservation, you will be asked how many people are in your group. Then, in room salons in Seoul, you will be brought into a grandiose-looking room with soft leather chairs encircling three sides of the space. There will be a karaoke machine at that location, and a guy with a guitar will come in and perform while one of the females sings along on the karaoke machine.


  • A huge table dominates the space, and a karaoke machine connected to a television screen sits in the corner facing the seating area. Some locales are prettier than others, while others appear dull. This is why room salons are primarily frequented by wealthy businesspeople. You can find many room salons in 강남
  • When you step inside, it appears to be quite fancy, which is absolutely contrary of what it appears to be from the outside. Many of the rooms have windows that are entirely black. All you can see are doors and corridors. The host takes you and your company into a room, and when you’ve taken your seat, a madam will enter.