LCD Advertising Displays Used in the Digital Advertising

The digital advertising is the massive and most emerging market, which is set to shoot up and is the most growing markets, which haven’t been damaged by recession. With this you can appreciate each business doesn’t matter how tiny or huge needs to advertise the products and services to increase the sales, but, compared to the old fashioned advertising like printed posters or flyer’s, LCD signage display in Singapore is instant.

How Does It Work?

Fresh content will be created very easily by using free software online, and user has to drag & drop this content on to the media card, and insert this card in LCD advertising screen, and locking out media player compartment & switching on large LCD display for accessing on board menu, and from here you may control each part of the digital advertising campaign.

This menu allows you call up content in any order you want, and you can choose the dwell time for every image, transitions between every image, rotation of the video as well as MP3 audio.

You also can set screen to power at the pre set time, and perfect when store is going to open as well as power off when shop is closed, thus once media is inside the player & you have configured menu on screen you may walk away & LCD advertising screen may run in same content every time, till you change its content and it is achieved easily by using the flash drive.