Grow Your Business Worldwide With Logistics Solutions

The growth of a business relies on how far and wide the products manufactured are made available. The wider the reach, the more the customers. But if you want to make your products available in every city, you have to distribute them through your dealer or franchise networks. But how? Who will carry hundreds of kilograms of your cargo to desired locations from the manufacturing site? This is where Logistics and delivery services come to your rescue. We at PT Kamadjaja Logistics deliver your shipments across the country on time and safely.

As a Logistics Firm, customer trust and reliability is our topmost concern, and never has a customer returned disappointed. We have expertise in road transportation and have excelled in it for years, 54 years precisely. We have a vast fleet of vehicles to choose from according to your needs, from small vehicles and light trucks to heavy trucks.

transportation organization

We have updated ourselves technologically too. Our data management system is error-proof and well managed. Hence, all your needs for inventory, warehousing, orders, and deliveries are scheduled perfectly and executed meticulously.

We also offer Freight Forwarding solutions for taking your business international and provide full support in customs clearance, customs documentation, and customs duty payment. We extend services in many countries and have partnered to deliver your shipments promptly.

Prices are competitive at PT Kamadjaja and justifiable for the perfection of our work. Our prices include driver and fuel costs, Toll fees, and cargo insurance.